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About Bcom

Manufacturing Capacity


As a world-class automotive electronics design and manufacturing company, Bcom has a vertically integrated manufacturing capability and a global supporting system to provide customers with the best solutions and flexible and reliable production services. The manufacturing plant is located in Xiamen, covering an area of 166,800 Square-feet. The production process is from SMT to system assembly testing and consistent production. The SMT patching workshop has an internationally advanced fully automated production line equipped with a solder paste automatic printing machine. Solder paste on-line inspection equipment (SPI), SIPLACE and other high-speed automatic placement equipment and online visual inspection equipment (AOI), online reflow soldering equipment, can meet the assembly requirements of electronic components of different package types, and the non-performing rate meets the strict requirements of customers. With flexible supporting for customers and the convenient international airport and harbor in Xiamen, we have become a long-term partner of world-renowned manufacturers with high quality, fast delivery and cost-effective.

The Xiamen factory has obtained a number of quality certifications, including ISO-9001, QS-9000, IATF 16949, ISO-14001and etc. The verification conditions for the vehicle class are certified by the GM Auto factory to show the excellent manufacturing quality of the Xiamen factory. The Xiamen factory has a high level of technology in product design, good economic returns, development prospects, and industry leading effects. It is awarded by the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China: the key high-tech enterprise.

Bcom's production center has been in Xiamen since its
opening in March, 2001. Its strengths include:

  • A leading team of highly skilled manufacturing engineers
  • Extensive experience in ODM manufacturing
  • Sophisticated management system
  • Sound quality assurance system